Paniolo: Stories and Songs of the Hawaiian Cowboy


BGXX5182Commissioned by Honolulu Theatre for Youth, “Paniolo” premiered at Tenney Theatre on October 29 (2018) and played for 10,000 people in its month long run.  The show features Moses Goods (also the playwright) and “Waimea boy” Kapono Nāʻiliʻili.  Director Eric Johnson and designer Chelsey Cannon make up the other half of this talented creative team.


“Paniolo” brings the fascinating history and legacy of the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) to the stage.  This hour long production includes songs, both original and traditional, and brings to life key moments in the evolution of this unique and treasured Hawaiian culture.



On February 6th “Paniolo” will perform on Maui at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center




On February 21st “Paniolo” made its Kauaʻi debut at the Historic Waimea Theater as part of the Waimea Town Celebration.

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On August 30th 2019 “Paniolo” was presented at the old Palace Theater in Hilo.


Waimea 1

In June of 2018, I had the honor of traveling to Waimea, one of the last towns in Hawaiʻi were the paniolo  way of life is still practiced.  I drove through the beautiful country and met with some very unforgettable people living in that humble community.  I was able to just sit and listened to them tell stories, reminisce and even sing a little.  A truly memorable experience for me.

Waimea 2

Dr. Billy Bergin Bergin, long time Parker Ranch veterinarian, is a well knowledge on pretty much all things paniolo.  He graciously agreed to let me interview him.  The interview lasted well over two hours until he had to leave for a prior engagement.   I could have sat and listed for hours more.

The real Paniolo

On my final evening in Waimea, a few families in the community put together a little gathering.  As the evening progressed these true paniolo right here really started to open up.  Oh, the stories they told!